1st International Masters Judo Championships
2011 Collingwood CANADA - Entry Information

Collingwood Ontario, CANADA
November 4 - November 6 , 2011

Blue Mountain Inn Conference Centre

Competition Rules
International Judo Federation rules will apply with the contest duration as the only modification - all contests 3 minutes duration except 60 years and over 2½ minutes.

Age Divisions and Contest Duration

Contest Duration
Female Code
Male Code
2 ½
2 ½
2 ½
2 ½
80 plus
2 ½

Weight Categories
(I.J.F. Weight Categories) NOTE - the Open Category is for players irrespective of weight but within the same Age Division.

Under 48kg
Under 60kg
48kg to under 52kg
60kg to under 66kg
52kg to under 57kg
66kg to under 73kg
57kg to under 63kg
73kg to under 81kg
63kg to under 70kg
81kg to under 90kg
70kg to under 78kg
90kg to under 100kg
78kg and over
100kg and over


1. There are 7 Kata categories.

Nage-no-kata Ju-no-kata Katame-no-kata
Koshiki-no-kata Kime-no-kata Goshin-jitsu

2. There will be three divisions male only, female only and mixed.

3. Players can compete in three katas only ( No extra payment is needed) but not twice within the same kata.

4. Plain white judogi only to be used.

5. The necessary weapons that are required for the Kata will be supplied.

Judo - Golden Score Rule

1. When the time allotted for the contest ends and the scores/penalties are equal, the result of the contest shall be decided by a 'Golden Score'.

2. The time clock will be reset as if for a new contest.

3. Any scores shown on the scoreboard will be cancelled.

4. The referee will restart the contest in the normal way. There will be no rest period between the end of the original contest and the start of the 'Golden Score' contest.

5. The first score or the first penalty awarded will decide the contest.

6. The contest ends immediately there is a score (or penalty). For example if a player is being held (osaekomi) and the hold continues for ten seconds - a koka is scored and the contest ends. The competitor has won by a 'koka'.

7. If the 'Golden Score' extension contest goes the full distance without a score (or penalty) then the result will be decided by the referee and two judges, who will indicate the winner by raising the appropriate coloured flag. This will be indicated on the contest sheet as a 'Hantei' win.



MA. MALE OPEN (5 players) Any age division
0000U66, U73, U81, U90 and open weight
MB. MALE INTERMEDIATE TEAM (5 players) – M3 and M4
0000U66, U73, U81, U90 and open weight
MC  MALE SENIOR TEAM – M5 and over (3 players) M5 and over
0000U73, U90, and open weight


FA. FEMALE OPEN – (3 players) Any age division
0000U57, U70 and open weight
FB. FEMALE TEAM – F3 and above (3 players) – F3 and above
0000U57, U70 and open weight

1. All teams may nominate one reserve 'each weight class' who may only be used to replace an injured or sick player 'in the same weight class'.

2. All teams are allowed one ‘guest' player only as defined by any player from a country other than the actual country that the team represents.

3. Players may only compete on one team in any given Ontario International Judo Championships.

4. Contest duration will be 3 minutes with golden score if appropriate.

5.  All teams 'will enter in order from the lightest to the heaviest weight class' and should line up in accordance with the WMAJA team format rules.

6. Once a team is officially submitted to the Draw Master no additional players will be permitted to enter team.

7. All contests will be fought irrespective of whether one team has already won the match at an earlier stage of the team match.

8. Each country may enter a maximum of two teams to be labeled ‘A' and ‘B' and in every case when two teams from the same country are in a team category together they will be separated in the draw so they if possible they will not be in the same pool or same side of any knockout elimination system.

9. Each team will have a Team Manager or Coach (who may be a team member) responsible for the accurate completion of the team sheet, submitting the team sheet, getting their players ready to fight, protocol for bowing and general team/individual discipline. The Team Manager or Coach will not be entitled to a medal unless he or she is also a team member or a named reserve on the team sheet.

10. Proper I.J.F. team protocol must be observed for lining up the players, formal bow etc.

11. All players must have proper photographic identification available at the team event i.e. passports and be prepared to weigh-in should this be deemed necessary in the circumstances were a player competing in a team event has not previously fought in any individual weight category earlier in the tournament.

12. All teams must have a full complement of players when they compete for their first match or their entry will be deemed invalid. If on the second occasion that a team lines up to compete they are one player short then their reserve can only fill this place if he/she within the appropriate weight requirement and if not then an empty place must be left in the team line up. Any player injured in an earlier team match will be allowed to rejoin his/her team subject to the agreement of a competent medical person.

13. The number of teams entered will determine competition system appropriate to each team category. For example if only three teams entered in the MALE SENIOR TEAM OF M5 and above category players then a pool of three elimination type of elimination system will be used.


Kata is US $100.00 per person and this covers entry into 1,2,or 3 katas.

Competition is US$100.00 per person and this also covers entry into the open age category and team event.

If a person enters both the Kata and competition the fee would be US $200.00.


All requirements below must be satisfied.

Within your age division on the 4th day of November 2011 which is the first day of the event.

At the time of the entry there must be proof of current membership of a National Federation that is affiliated to the International Judo Federation.

A photocopy of passport or birth certificate must be sent with the entry form.

Payment of all entry fees in full at the time of entry.

Note: Signing of a form which waivers all responsibility from the host organization and the Ontario International Masters Judo Association in respect of your participation in the event. This form will be available at Registration.

All players are strongly advised to have adequate travel and medical insurance, which specifically covers participation in judo.


All entries should be on the entry form (which may be photocopied) and sent to:

Ontario International Masters Judo Telephone: (416) 580-1885
16 Frankfort Grove, Fax: (905) 722-5330
Jackson's Point, E-mail: info@masterathlete.com
Ontario, Canada Website: www.masterathlete.com
L0E 1L0

Closing Date

The official closing date for entries are October 25, 2011, however the limit on the competition entry is 1,200. Late entries may be permitted but only at the discretion of the World MasterAthlete Judo Association and will be subject to a US $20.00 surcharge.


Individual Weight Categories will only be competed for if there are two or more entries. If there are less than two entries the category will be combined with another weight. Any such decision will be taken with the advice of the Technical Committee.


Official entry form must be completed and accompanied with entry fee paid in full. Any entry not accompanied by the appropriate fees, with incomplete information or received after the official closing date will be considered invalid. Entries accompanied by the appropriate fee and properly completed but received after the closing date, if accepted, will still be required to pay the late entry fee of US $20.00 at Registration.
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